Meet Nordic Roomz

We are from the international fashion and interior branch and we bring many years of experience in to Nordic Roomz.

We make our own designs and we are partnered up with a leatherproduction in Karachi, Pakistan. The factory is LWG Gold certified.

We are only making products we ourselves would love to use. We do it in the most sustainable way, with less possible waste of materials.

We love the good life with our family and our dear ones in our private homes, in the summerhouse, traveling and on the go. It melets together with our worklife and for that, we loves to make collections we are a part of and lives in.

We are inspired of the clear light from both east and west. The raw and genuine materials that supplement each other. Wood, leather, metals, textiles, stone, concrete, slate and granite whom compliments the raw and fine expression. All the basic elements in our lives and leather as the supporting element.

All in all in to our collections, we bring calm, danish hygge, cozyness and everyday luxury in to Your homes.

Welcome to Nordic Roomz.